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TV Show Review: The Office

I finally got around to watching The Office on Netflix. I don’t know what took me so long, but I got around to watching the whole series. I tried starting it a few times before, but couldn’t get passed the first episode. Normally, I would start it, then do something else so I miss most of the episode.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I wish I would’ve been on The Office train a long long time ago. It has become a top 3 series for me. Friends is #1 with Cheers being #2 followed by The Office. Here are some of my thoughts on the series:

  • If The Office ended after season 7, it could be the best series of all time. I feel, after Steve Carrell left, that they dragged a couple story lines on for too long as well as forced new characters to get through to the end.
  • Dwight Schrute is by far the best supporting character in a series. I put him up there with Norm from Cheers, but I believe Dwight takes the cake. Rainn Wilson plays the character perfectly and has a great connection/rapport with all the other actors.
  • Will Ferrell’s character is the first time I’ve ever hated anything Will Ferrell has done. I think with Steve Carrell leaving they needed someone to come in to keep viewers pleased. I’m not sure how it came across real time, but the character seemed forced. This was the first forced character, for me.
  • James Spader’s Robert California was the next forced character. He played him very well, but I didn’t feel the connection as much as I felt with Steve Carrell. Side note: I watched him in The Blacklist first so it was weird to see him play this character.
  • Catherine Tate’s Nellie Bertram is the worst character in the history of TV. There wasn’t a time where I felt that she fit in the show or felt she was a necessary character.
  • I know that one of the shticks was Dwight never getting the Regional Office Manager role, but I wish they would’ve dove deeper into that after Steve Carrell left. I think season 8-9 would’ve been more bearable.
  • Jim and Dwight (John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson) may have the greatest connection between two characters that I’ve ever watched. Joey and Chandler from Friends are my top while Sam and Woody were second, but Jim and Dwight took over the second spot while competing for the top.
  • The ending of the series was one of the best endings of a TV show. There are a lot of endings that make people mad or want more, but I think they rebounded from how poorly seasons 8-9 were with the ending. For me, it gave closure to each character as well as the group themselves. I’m a big Trailer Park Boys fan, but with the new seasons they just keep overplaying story lines. I didn’t feel that with the way The Office ended.
  • Kevin Malone is a sneaky pick for greatest scene grabber of all time. Anytime he’s around, you never knew what he was going to say. The best was when Holly thought he was mentally handicapped, but he didn’t know she thought that. I laughed anytime he said anything.
  • I don’t want them to revive the series. There are reports that NBC is looking at reviving the series, but without any of the main characters. Jenna Fischer said she would want to reboot Pam, but Steve Carrell is already out as well as John Krasinski. Rainn Wilson said he doesn’t want to “redo” the series or continuation, but would be interested if the vision is there. I lean more towards what Rainn has said than anyone else. I don’t want them to revive the series just to revive the series. If they would’ve done anything, I wouldn’t have minded for a Dwight spin off or a Jim/Pam spin off in Philly.

That was my first (official) TV review! Leave me a comment on how you either liked/disliked The Office or the review.



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