Day 28: Ketogenic Diet

Day 28

Well, the end is near. I set out to try a Ketogenic diet for this month. Before, I’ve never followed a specific diet plan or even had criteria as to what I could or couldn’t eat. The only thing I followed was moderation control. So this was my first challenge of the year. It has been great, but I don’t think it’s sustainable, for me anyways. I will get into it a little bit on Wednesday in my last blog about the Keto diet.

Weight 180.6 down 15 lbs

Sleep: There wasn’t much change in my sleeping pattern. The only thing was I needed a little bit more sleep each night than I did any of the other weeks. I still felt refreshed in the mornings, but it subsided earlier than the other weeks.

Training: It was a rough week of training. Instead of the normal 5 days, I only made it two of the days. I believe I didn’t drink enough water the last week or week and a half resulting in Keto flu. From the symptoms, it wasn’t the full fledged flu, but reading more into this side effect is what I believe happened. I may have went a little overboard with fasting along with not getting enough of my macros in the meals that I ate.

Food Intake: The only thing that changed was breakfast. I wanted to fast so I skipped breakfast. I didn’t change my lunch to reflect the missed meal. By doing that, I didn’t get enough food intake during the week.

Overall feel: I feel pretty good, now. Last week, it was rough, but seeing the results that I set out to achieve is what matters the most. I am going to start ramping up my carb intake so I don’t put my body into shock when I do start eating more carbs.

I have 3 days to get under 180. I believe it is achievable so that is the plan. I will make one more weigh in and write about the whole experience. Some things that I’ll take with me along with some things that I think I will leave behind. I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for following along!



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