Welcome Back, Josh McDaniels!

First things first, I HATE when reporter’s try to break a news story when it’s something like this. Contracts cannot be signed while a team is still in the playoffs. Yes, coaches can go interview for open head coaching positions, but they cannot negotiate a contract to become the next head coach until their team’s season is officially over. They can agree to negotiate once the season is over, but no specifics can be agreed upon. I get it. More times than not they end up leaving. I pay NO attention until there’s signatures and there’s a press conference to introduce. That’s when it’s real. Other than that, it’s just noise.

Now, what happened yesterday was something I can honestly say that I called or knew was going to happen. McDaniels has always said he wanted stability and that his family loves the area of Boston. With Belichick towards the end of his career, McDaniels is going to take over. There are reports that there wasn’t an agreement that that would happen, but that’s the Patriots being the Patriots. There is 100% an agreement.

The 2018-19 season is the final season of Belichick’s current contract. I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, I think he moves into a role similar to Tom Coughlin has in Jacksonville. With that said, McDaniels becomes the next head coach. I believe Brady will play 3 more seasons. This season to end BB’s coaching career, then two more while they make a transition into McDaniel’s coaching career while they find Brady’s replacement. If there wasn’t something along those lines, they wouldn’t have traded Brissett and for sure they wouldn’t have traded away Garoppolo.

I also have another theory as to why he spurned the Colts. Per reports, Kraft made a strong push to keep McDaniels. The driving force: Deflategate. As long as Kraft is the owner, he will want to stick it to the Colts as much as humanly possible. Do I have a problem with that? Not a chance. I love the move. Especially, when it comes to McDaniels.

This also has something to do with Andrew Luck. If there was no issue, then there probably isn’t as much of a hesitation. McDaniels doesn’t want to go into another situation as he had with Denver. He wants to step in with a quarterback so he can build around the quarterback. If there was no issue, then McDaniels could’ve gone and still came back after Belichick left. So there has to be something there he didn’t like when it came to Luck.

I believe this is McDaniels coming into the office today..

Welcome back, Josh! Glad to have you!



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