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Officially on board to bring back “The Office”

As you may know, I am a relatively new The Office fan. I didn’t jump on the ship while it was airing. Mainly because I didn’t watch a lot of TV. It took me about 5 times starting the pilot episode to actually get through it. One day, I just said “I’m sitting down and getting through this episode no matter what”. I have never regretted it since.

I watched the series within two weeks. What did I do after I finished? I went and started it over. I am currently on season 7 as we speak.

During this time, I was hearing chatter about NBC rebooting the series. I wasn’t a fan of it since I heard that John Krasinski wasn’t a fan of the idea to reprise his role as Jim. Then, I heard Steve Carrell wasn’t on board along with Rainn Wilson.

Then, it all changed.

Rainn hopped on board along with Jenna Fischer. I still wasn’t convinced on wanting a reboot until this happened..

John Krasinski is on board ladies and gentlemen!

Now, I am fully on board for a reboot. This time, I won’t miss out and wait years after the air date to be a fan. This makes me want to finish the series, then re-watch it for the third time this month! (Disclaimer: No I’m not crazy).

Welcome back to the Electric City!



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