Why do we glorify the shooter?

First off, I would like to say my condolences to the victims families as well as anyone affected by this tragedy.

Secondly, I don’t like to be political or even touch on these types of stories because I like to spread positivity into the world instead of bring it down. I just feel that this has gone on too long and I wanted to get this off my chest. That’s part of the reason why I started this blog was to write about how I feel about certain things.

The first thing we can do about these types of situations is for the media to stop sensationalizing or glorifying the shooters who commit these heinous acts. I don’t give a rats ass about the history of this knob job. That is the police, FBI, etc job to uncover that type of information. We need to hear stories about the heroes that helped protect these children as well as the how brave these kids were. We need to help them cope with the aftermath instead of plaster the face of the monster that did this to them all over the internet and TV. Let the professionals handle the shooter, the media doesn’t need to assist. The biggest thing for these people is to live on in infamy. I’m not saying that will stop these from happening, but it is a start.

Next thing we need to do is keep the narrative alive. I’m sure everyone by now has seen this..


The only time people talk about this is when something like this happens. Immediately after this, everyone always says now is not the time to talk about change. THERE’S NEVER A GOOD TIME! The best would be to NEVER have to talk about this topic. Enough is enough. Prayers haven’t been answered.

I have two little girls at home and hearing about this stuff happening scares the shit out of me. I shouldn’t have to worry about my kids getting shot at while they’re trying to learn. I shouldn’t have to see a parent crying, on national television, because their kid was killed or was in the school while this happened. It breaks my heart that my kids have to be taught about what to do in this type of situation. I remember when all we had to practice was tornado or fire drills. Now, these kids have to worry about this along with all the other crap that kids have to deal with day to day.

It infuriates me when people debate about this especially when one person thinks that gun control isn’t the answer. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” is the dumbest line ever written in the English language. It also is the dumbest argument that you can make in this type of situation. You won’t be able to tell me otherwise. Politicians always have a go-to saying of “Our hearts and prayers go out the families”, but then sit on their thumbs about doing something to stop this from happening again. WAKE UP. DO SOMETHING.

Lastly, semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons have no place in civilians hands. I may get ostracized for saying that, but I don’t care. There’s no one situation that someone needs to have weapon of that type unless they are at war. You don’t need to shoot 10 bullets in a second. You don’t need to hold 200 rounds at a time. I’m saying this as a hunter. They aren’t after my .270 bolt action rifle. They aren’t after my 12-gauge shotgun. I believe in the 2nd amendment, but the 2nd amendment wasn’t talking about semi-automatic weapons.

You can be right winged or you can be left winger, but always remember you’re about of the same bird. Somewhere down the line people have lost sight of that. I love America, but America isn’t great or the greatest country in the world anymore. I want to be able to go to work while my kids are at school and not have to worry about whether or not I will see them at dinner time.



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